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Meet The Leadership Team


 Chandan Kuchina is a sophomore at the Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics at Freeman high school and is pleased to lead STEM Z. He is an avid debater, public speaker, volunteer, and a coach.


 Akshaya Muniganti Akshaya Muniganti is a junior at Deep Run High School. She has an avid passion for STEM and hopes to create a difference in the world by leading STEM Z. Apart from STEM, she enjoys MUN, dancing, and traveling, and can't wait to contribute to the STEM community.



 Sriram Darsi is a sophomore at Henrico High School and hopes to follow the mission of STEM Z in order to shape the future. Apart from STEM, he takes part in Model UN, TSA, STEM fairs, and plays volleyball, basketball, and cricket.


Marketing Director

Alison Gottesman is a junior at Virginia Tech. She is passionate about marketing and is the current account manager for PRISM for Pamplin and a social media intern at Otis! Alison is excited to join our team and help our organization grow!

Apply Today

If you are interested in becoming a part of the leadership or instructional team, please feel free to email us!

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