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Meet The Team

Co-President Chandan Kuchina Chandan Kuchina is a sophomore at the Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics at Freeman high school and is pleased to lead STEM Z. He is an avid debater, public speaker, volunteer, and a coach ​ Co-President Akshaya Muniganti Akshaya Muniganti is a junior at Deep Run High School. She has an avid passion for STEM and hopes to create a difference in the world by leading STEM Z. Apart from STEM, she enjoys MUN, dancing, and traveling, and can't wait to contribute to the STEM community. Co-President Sriram Darsi Sriram Darsi is a sophomore at Henrico High School and hopes to follow the mission of STEM Z in order to shape the future. Apart from STEM, he takes part in Model UN, TSA, STEM fairs, and plays volleyball, basketball, and cricket.

Apply Today

Be on the lookout for upcoming volunteer positions! Email us for any inquiries and information!

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