Board of Directors

Director of Technology: Veditha Ramesh


My name is Veditha Ramesh and I am a sophomore at Independence High School. I run cross country and track. I am currently a coding instructor and the Director of Technology at STEM Z. 

Director of Logistics: Aman Kanuri

Hi! My name is Aman Kanuri and I am a freshman at Henrico High School in the International Baccalaureate program. I like to play basketball and hang out with friends. My favorite subject is math! I can't wait to work with you!

Director of Finances: Spoorti Kalashetti


Hello! My name is Spoorti Kalashetti, and I go to Maggie Walker High School. Thank you for this opportunity and for letting me join the STEM Z leadership team! I am excited to educate others on the wonders of STEM!

Director of External Communications: Aditya Badhrayan

 Hi! My name is Aditya Badhrayan and I go to Maggie Walker Governor's School. I like to play tennis, read books, play basketball, and ride my bike. I can't wait to work with STEM Z and help other students discover the joys of STEM!


Director of Internal Communications: Maanvi Parikh


Hi I'm Maanvi Parikh and I am currently a sophomore at Henrico High School. I love to travel, do art, play volleyball, and play field hockey! I look forward to being part of this team and learning more about STEM Z!